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Murali Venkatrao was born in India and lives now in the Seattle area. Murali has studied different variations of Hatha Yoga both in India and the US. He has been teaching Yoga for the past 14 years. Added to his dedication to the path of yoga, Murali shares in a creative, insightful, and playful style for which students are most appreciative. Formerly a Software Architect at Microsoft, Murali is currently pursuing his PhD in Yoga at Prashanti Kuteeram in Bangalore, India. Murali directs the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training program with Michelle Marshall. Attend Murali's classes on Saturday morning at 9am or Wednesday evening at 7:30pm in the Yoga Hall (when he's not in India- see the schedule for up to date teacher changes!).

Michelle David serves as an instructor and assistant director for the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training program. She teaches both Ananda meditation and Ananda yoga, including on-going classes, workshops and the Hatha Intensive program. Michelle appreciates the many opportunities she has to share the benefits of yoga, meditation and teaching with students at Ananda. Attend Michelle's class Wednesday morning at 10:30am in the Yoga Hall.


Nancy Callan discovered hatha yoga through pre-natal yoga classes when pregnant with her first child. Later, after experiencing the joy and benefits of Ananda Yoga, she went on to complete her teacher training through the Ananda Institute of Living Yoga. She is inspired to help others use the practice of asana (yoga poses) to develop not only flexibility, strength and wellness but also an awareness of the connection of the physical body to inner qualities such as peace, calmness and joy. Attend Nancy's class Wednesday evening at 6pm in the Yoga Hall.

Taught by Lynne Steele

Lynne Steele has been practicing yoga for more than 15 years, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher and certified Ananda Meditation Teacher. Her energetic, enthusiastic and caring approach helps beginning and experienced yoga students find their own personal expressions of joy, harmony and balance in body, mind and spirit. Lynne leads classes at the Ananda Meditation Temple and at other locations in the Seattle area.Lynne lives in Bothell with her husband and 3 large dogs, who constantly remind her how to live with love and ever-new joy. Attend Lynne's class Monday morning at 10:30am in the Yoga Hall.


Sandhya Banda began her yoga training in India at a very young age. She is now a certified Ananda Yoga teacher. A lawyer by profession, she finds that the practices of Hatha Yoga and meditation anchor, balance, and help her navigate the challenges that life poses on a daily basis. She is grateful for the invaluable teachings of ancient wisdom and is thankful for inspiring guidance from teachers in the West as well as the East. Sandhya is motivated by the self-empowering transformation that can happen through the practice of Yoga and cherishes the opportunity to share and learn through teaching yoga. Attend Sandhya's Gentle Yoga class at 5:45pm in the Yoga Hall.


Michelle Phua fell in love with yoga in 1997 when she took a pre-natal yoga class when pregnant with her oldest child. She has practiced many styles of yoga over the years, but has a special love for Ananda Yoga. She discovered Ananda Yoga during a particularly challenging period in her life and found that her practice helped her to find strength, equanimity, and even joy throughout the difficulties. Ananda Yoga has been such a gift to Michelle that she feels a great deal of joy sharing the blessings of this practice with others. Enjoy Michelle's class at 10:30am on Fridays at the Yoga Hall.

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Gaby Selden is a certified Ananda Yoga Teacher by the Ananda Institute of Living Yoga and a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. The Ananda Institute of Living Yoga was founded over sixty years ago by Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi (published 1946). She has completed Level II Himalayan Sound Therapy training with Suren Shrestha, a leading practitioner of the ancient art of vibrational healing using Himalayan singing bowls infused with healing intention. Suren is originally from Khandabari, Nepal. Enjoy Gaby's class Thursday evenings from 7-8:20 pm.

Heidi Marks was drawn to yoga, not just as a practice for physical rejuvenation and wellness, but as a vehicle to better understand how consciousness interacts with the physical world. Her motivation as a yoga teacher is to support students in their journey toward stress reduction, increased ease of movement, better health for happier ageing, and spiritual growth. Heidi is continuing her studies toward the 500-level, including advanced training in teaching meditation and pranayama, and she is totally intrigued by the power of mudras. In addition to being a yogi, she has degrees in chemistry and environmental design, is a food safety professional, a WA state registered Reflexologist, artist, and is a publisher of body|mind|spirit books. Heidi reports that studying the philosophy and practice of yoga at Ananda has provided her with a greater sense of calmness, balance and ability to hold non-attachment – she hopes that you will join her on that path, Friday evenings at 6:30 pm in the Yoga Hall (except 2nd Fridays).

Samara Spitzer

Samara Spitzer was born a seeker and was lead to yoga in her teens. In her early-20s, her interest in yoga expanded into a full-blown passion when she discovered the heart-opening focus of Anusara Yoga and the alignment focus of Jivamukti Yoga. She continued her spiritual journey into her mid-20s, learning Vipassana meditation, studying Buddhist Psychology at Naropa University, and teaching spiritually-focused dance. When she found the uplifting and enlightening teachings of Ananda & Kriya Yoga, Samara knew that she’d found her home. Today, Samara is passionate about her work behind the scenes at Ananda, and finds joy in teaching yoga at Ananda and in correctional facilities with Yoga Behind Bars.


Lorie Gail specializes in gentle and restorative yoga. She is a Certified Level One Ananda Yoga Therapist, Ananda Meditation teacher, and has completed Relax and Renew training with Judith Hansen Lasater, Integrative Restoration – iRest Level I Yoga Nidra training with Richard Miller, and Mind Body Solutions Opening/Adapting Yoga for Disabilities training with Matthew Sanford. One of her greatest joys is helping others find peace and joy through yoga. Take Lorie's Restorative Yoga class on the 2nd Friday of every month in the Yoga Hall.

Christina Riegel discovered yoga a couple of years after moving to Seattle in 1998. After almost 16 years of trying different yoga styles, and always feeling like something was missing, she finally found her yogic home at Ananda. The yoga community at Ananda a living example of what yoga is all about. Christina finds inspiration through Ananda Yoga’s firm roots in the ancient art and science of yoga. Now a certified Ananda Yoga teacher, Christina is honored to guide students to experience for themselves the amazing benefits of yoga for the body, mind, and spirit.

Sabrina Hamilton received her yoga teacher certificate in February 2017, and not a week after becoming certified, boarded a plane with many other Ananda yogis and took Pilgrimage throughout India for three weeks, deepening her practice of yoga and self-realization in new ways while abroad, Sabrina is very motivated and passionate about sharing her joy and love for yoga with the world. Let's do yoga!

Heidi MacBeth
first started teaching yoga and now teaches meditation classes as well. She has a long history of practicing yoga and says she was ‘immediately hooked’. She says that being a teacher helps her dive deeper into the teachings of Yogananda and the yogic way of life, and that “… you always learn from the students!”

Her advice to people interested in yoga and meditation is to definitely give it a try, because, when you make a genuine effort, the practices have the ability to bring your life into balance on all levels, such as helping to bring physical and emotional healing, reducing stress, and giving a more harmonious look on life and the world. “It can bring more happiness into your life!”

Heidi was born and raised in Finland, and moved to America after meeting her husband, Garth. Heidi enjoys reading, and with Garth, taking long walks while soaking in the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest.

When not teaching, you can find Heidi in the office at Ananda Temple, working with student registration for programs like Raja Yoga and Meditation and Yoga Teacher Training. She has also been a part of Ananda’s foreign rights book publishing work. She says she likes helping with the ‘behind the scenes’ tasks, and you can often find her designing our many flyers and mailings.

Suzi Wright is a C-IAYT Ananda Yoga Therapist (Certified International Association of Yoga Therapists) and E-RYT 200 Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance Experienced Yoga Teacher). She teaches Yogasana workshops and substitutes at the Institute of Living Yoga in Bothell in addition to owning and teaching at Yoga Sunshine (http://www.yogasunshine.org/). She loves the healing power of yoga and works privately with students to develop personal healing plans. She has worked with clients with various needs, including stroke recovery, cancer treatment support, living with severe spinal cord injury, recovery from knee surgery, working through insomnia, healing IBS, diabetes, finding balance with bi-polar disorder, shifting reactions with PTSD, among others. Suzi also carries certifications as a Meditation Instructor and Restorative Yoga Teacher.

Shaefeather Windsong* is a certified Ananda yoga instructor, certified group fitness instructor, and reiki practitioner. Shae says, “I want to share, teach and inspire others in ways that would help people on their journey and help myself at the same time. Over the years my practice evolved into yoga teaching, fitness teaching, and reiki healing. If I had to describe my teaching style, it would be a flow of positive energy, smiles, and cheerful instruction.” Learn more about Shae at www.windsongwellnessandyoga.com/ and take her class at East West Bookshop in Seattle on Thursday morning at 10:30 am.

Kayla Gomez began practicing Yoga in Arizona nearly 10 years ago. Naturally curious, her love began to expand once she started studying beyond the physical postures. She says "Yoga began to give me a kind of internal calmness I had never experienced before. In addition, it gave me a new way of approaching the world with less judgment and more compassion." After moving to Washington she became inspired to teach but wanted to find a school that embodied the traditional teachings of Yoga that she loves and a place for body mind and spirit to come together. She believes Ananda Yoga is that place and she became certified in 2017. She is also a Psychiatric Registered Nurse and as part of her effort to give back, she enjoys offering Yoga classes to her patients at work. Her favorite thing about teaching Yoga is being able to hold a safe space for her students to have the experience that is right for them. Attend Kayla's class at East West Bookshop in Seattle on Monday evening from 6-7:20 pm starting in September.