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Peace Fullness Meditation Class

Peace Fullness Meditation: Meditation can help us cope with grief, loss, moods, negative emotions, and anxiety by relaxing the body and calming the mind. Meditation can be a healing process that gradually and naturally transforms emotion into an intuitive feeling of our innate well-being, security, comfort and confidence. This process includes acknowledging present realities and then, using proven body-breath-heart-&-mind techniques, learning to access higher states of being where alone safety, security, healing and peace perpetually reside.
Learn the basics of meditation: sitting, breathing, and focusing

  • Expel negative emotions using tension exercises and breath control
  • Relax the body: relax the emotions;
  • Stabilize your breath: focus the mind
  • Imagery to expand the heart
  • Affirmations to affirm peace, love, and joy
  • Overcome the eight “meannesses” of the heart!
  • How to send out positive thoughts and intentions
  • How to receive inspiration and intuition
  • Dissolve pain with breath awareness

Pass details

  • 999 visits
  • Unused visits expire after 240 months