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Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10:00am to 6:00pm at Ananda Yoga Hall & Meditation Temple starting Jan 5, 2016

Courses; Short and Long Term

Raja and Hatha Yoga Intensive $475Purchase required to enroll

At the Raja Hatha Yoga Intensive, you’ll learn how to meditate and how to practice the yoga postures in the way they were originally intended: as a priceless aid to inner unfoldment. The course duration is 12- weeks. It is comprehensive enough for the beginner while being insightfully inspiring for the advanced yoga/meditation practitioner. For more info: https://www.anandawashington.org/classes/raja/

This course is a requirement for our Yoga Teacher Training program, as well as Kriya Yoga training, and other Level 2 YTT courses.

Ananda Yoga for Beginners $50Purchase required to enroll

Curious about yoga? Want to practice yoga but don’t know where to start? At Ananda, to start the New Year, we are offering a new class series to help you experience and explore yoga in a supportive, safe environment! Open to all levels!

Drop-In Ananda Yoga Classes

Ananda Yoga $17 per classFrom $10 per visit with 25 Class Package passNo purchase required to enroll

Ananda Yoga classes emphasize safety and correct alignment, relaxation amidst effort, and working with the body’s energy for harmony and balance. A typical Ananda Yoga class uses the poses to refine self-awareness and experience inner peace and joy. Classes offer modifications for each yoga posture to fit the needs of each student and is thus suitable for students of all levels.

Gentle Ananda Yoga $17 per classFrom $10 per visit with 25 Class Package passNo purchase required to enroll

The Gentle Yoga class is the most moderate of the Ananda Yoga classes, suitable for all ages and body types. It uses gentle warm-up stretches, energization and breathing techniques, affirmations, and classic yoga postures. Modified versions of poses are always given, enabling every student the opportunity to relax body and mind.

Advanced Ananda Yoga $17 per classFrom $10 per visit with 25 Class Package passPurchase required to enroll

Advanced Ananda Yoga is a more challenging and vigorous class, incorporating traditional yoga postures like inversions as well as a longer sadhana or meditation towards the end. A minimum of 6 months of regular yoga practice and general good health and fitness are required. Not suitable for beginning students or those with moderate to extreme health challenges.

Restoring Balance through Restorative Yoga $17 per classFrom $10 per visit with 25 Class Package passA credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.

During this practice, your body will be completely supported by props allowing you release bodily tensions. Music, affirmations and visualizations will help still your mind and ease you into a deep state of relaxation. In this stage of deep relaxation, your body will have the opportunity to work on restoring itself to its own natural state of balance leaving you feeling incredibly rested and rejuvenated.

Ananda Yoga + Himalayan Sound Therapy $17 per classFrom $10 per visit with 25 Class Package passNo purchase required to enroll

In this class, Ananda Yoga is combined with Tibetan Sound Therapy.

New Ananda Yoga Teacher Class Free

Attend a class taught by our newest crop of incredible Ananda Yoga Teacher Trainees, FREE! Note: there are a limited number of spaces available and we ask that you only register if you are certain you can attend. If anything arises last minute, we ask that you please notify us so that your space can be filled. This class is open to all, but we're hoping for newer yoga students without a ton of experience with yoga.

Unwind Into the Weekend with Ananda Yoga $17 per classFrom $10 per visit with 25 Class Package passNo purchase required to enroll

Start your weekend off right by letting go of the stress from your workweek, with Ananda Yoga for your body, mind and spirit

Monthly Ananda Yoga Immersion

Ananda Yoga Immersion $40 per classFrom $40 per visit with Single Immersion Class passNo purchase required to enroll

Deepen your practice with an Ananda Yoga Immersion! From 9 am - 12:30 pm, we'll start with asana practice as part of the Saturday morning drop-in class tailored to the theme, then after a short break, return for a more in-depth, workshop-oriented exploration of the topic via discussion and practice, and finish with meditation. Each 3-hour session includes pranayama practice, an extended Hatha yoga routine, deep relaxation, and ends with a guided meditation. Every month will explore a topic which will be introduced briefly and woven throughout the practices.

~ Covered by the Unlimited Monthly Pass or 2-Classes from a Pass ~

Yoga Teacher Training Level 1, 200-hour

Yoga Teacher Training Level 2, 300-hour

Advanced Asana YTT 2- 300 hr $750Purchase required to enroll

Ananda Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 (AYTT-2) is open to anyone who has graduated from a 200-level Yoga Teacher Training program. You can either be an active teacher or you might just want to delve deeper and learn advanced yogic practices. It is recommended that you have an active yoga practice, since we will be examining several advanced asanas (yoga postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises meant for energy control), mudras and bandhas (gestures and locks). If you are an RYT-200, but are new to Ananda Yoga, you are required to take the Raja Intensive workshop. This is a 12 week workshop which introduces you to the basics of Ananda Yoga and Meditation.


Meditation Teacher Training $750Purchase required to enroll

Whether you train to teach meditation, or simply to deepen your understanding and experience of meditation, this power-packed course is for you! This in-depth study of the stages of meditation, the techniques and attitudes for focusing the mind, relaxing the body and calming the emotions, will give you valuable tools to assist others with their meditation.


The Art and Science of Spiritual Counseling $750Purchase required to enroll

This course is designed to be accredited with the Yoga Alliance for 55 hours in Level 2. It is also a certification course in the Ananda Institute of Living Yoga. This course is valuable for all who seek a deeper understanding of their own, or others’ human natures, and how to integrate our inner lives with the world around us. Whether you find yourself needing to assist friends, students, co-workers, family members or clients (if you are a therapist), or simply to understand yourself better, this course will provide you with tools and techniques to bringing one’s physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual natures into balance.

See https://www.anandawashington.org/the-art-and-science-of-spiritual-counseling/ for details.