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The Art and Science of Spiritual Counseling

$750 Purchase required to enroll

The Art and Science of Spiritual Counseling (AYYT level 2 accredited 55 hour course):

What is Spiritual Counseling?

Spiritual counselors are not therapists. In this course, we will learn to distinguish people and situations that require professional therapists’ assistance. As spiritual counselors, we serve individuals and/or groups of people by offering insights and wisdom from the great wealth of the teachings of meditation and yoga as it relates to the inner life. We will learn to apply these insights to situations and relationships in life, in order to be the most helpful spiritually to those we interact with, as well as to ourselves.

In helping others, we discover that we, too, grow in Self-awareness. A personal commitment to Self-awareness through meditation is the only prerequisite, so to speak, to this course and to this enlightened method of counseling.

Course Description:

This course is open to everyone (see prerequisite below) but all students must enroll in the Institute of Living Yoga whether for the purposes of receiving a certificate of completion, or, for qualification as a Yoga teacher who is seeking Level 2 accreditation by Yoga Alliance.

For more details or to register: https://www.anandawashington.org/the-art-and-science-of-spiritual-counseling/

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